DVD Review: All of Rowan Atkinson’s bits are on display in Mr. Bean: The Whole Bean

If you were anywhere near a television set in the ’90s, it was impossible to escape Mr. Bean, the face-contorting walking disaster that transformed Rowan Atkinson into an international pop-culture icon. In addition to his original, eponymous British sitcom—which came stateside via PBS, HBO, and Fox Family—Mr. Bean managed to make the jump to feature films (twice), an animated series, books, and video games. He even helped to open the 2012 Summer Olympics with a version of “Chariots Of Fire” as only Mr. Bean would play it (read: with one finger). All of which makes it easy to forget that Mr. Bean, the original series that started it all, ran for a grand total of 14 episodes.

Inspired by Jacques Tati’s Monsieur Hulot—another sports-coat-loving troublemaker always at odds with the modern world—Mr. Bean‘s very physical style of comedy is appropriately reminiscent of Hollywood’s …

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