Cue & A: A music supervisor’s “treasure hunt” found the ’70s tunes of Fargo season two

The explosion in original television production has created new opportunities and challenges for music supervisors, the professionals responsible for finding and clearing the perfect song for every scene. In Cue & A, we raid the record collections of our favorite television shows, including FX’s Fargo, which solidified its reputation as one of TV’s best shows in season two thanks in part to the work of music supervisor Marguerite Phillips.

Fargo went back to its roots in its second season, flashing back to 1979 and focusing on a young Lou Solverson (Patrick Wilson) as he becomes ensnared in a bloody battle between the Gerhardts, a small-town crime family, and the corporatized syndicate horning in on their turf. Marguerite Phillips, who also wrangles music for HBO’s Togetherness, came aboard to source dozens of songs for season two, having little to go on from season one, which contained very little …

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