Crosstalk: The worst and somewhat less worst commercials of Super Bowl 50

Erik Adams: Super Bowl 50 is already a dim memory fading from the American consciousness, a matchup between two marquee quarterbacks—one a rising star, the other likely playing the final game of his career—that was ultimately decided by defense. Even if the game broke the viewership records set by Super Bowl XLIX in 2015, it’s still likely to be chalked up as a disappointment, for reasons that go beyond the next several months of anti-Cam Newton screeds issued by the nation’s sports pundits and drunk uncles.

But the success of a Super Bowl stopped being just about the quality of the game a long time ago: When the ball is clumsily turned over again, you can at least look forward to the next commercial break. It cost more than ever for advertisers to rent out part of CBS’ telecast—30 seconds would set you back a …

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