Contest: Win Motörhead’s Bad Magic on vinyl, and a Crosley turntable

Though Motörhead had to cancel a few shows at the beginning of the month due to singer Lemmy Kilmister’s health, the band is back on the road and rocking as hard as ever. The international tour is in support of Bad Magic, their latest album, which hit shelves at the end of last month. When we asked Kilmister what fans could expect for Motörhead’s 22nd studio album, he said:

“More war, death, sex, and drugs. There’s plenty of writing material in there. There’s always things that people want to hear, like war, death, and love. You can keep them going forever, and I do. I’ve done the other stuff like 1916, but more or less it’s all been war, death, sex, and murder. But really, we seem to have it down now to a fine science, and it’s a good album.”

In support …

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