Contest: Win a signed copy of Chuck Palahniuk’s new short story collection and Fight Club comic

This year brings not one, but two new opportunities for Fight Club fans to indulge in their inner Tyler Durden. Almost 20 years after writing the novel that inspired the 1999 cult movie, author Chuck Palahniuk is revisiting some of his most iconic characters. On Monday, Palahniuk released Make Something Up: Stories You Can’t Unread, a collection of 21 short stories and one novella that are said to “disturb and delight.” One of those short stories will act as a prequel to the events of his novel, showing “a side of Tyler Durden never before seen.” And, on Tuesday, Palahniuk and Dark Horse comics released the first issue of Fight Club 2, their new graphic novel series that will detail the “boring” suburban life of the unnamed narrator and his wife, Marla.

For all the wannabe members of Project Mayhem out there, The A.V. Club has an opportunity …

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