Contest: Win a limited edition, double-vinyl Carol soundtrack

Though it was roundly shut-out at this year’s Oscars, Todd Haynes’ Carol feels like the type of film that will stand the test of time. An exquisitely crafted LGBT love story that transcends Hollywood’s usual fascination with tragic queer characters, Carol is rich, engrossing, and unforgettable. When it ranked as our eighth favorite movie of 2015, film critic A.A. Dowd wrote:

Carol, like its namesake, is pure seduction, a midcentury love story whose every element—from its carefully arranged period detail to its gorgeously grainy 16mm cinematography to the unforgettable swell of Carter Burwell’s score—seems calibrated to allure.

Speaking of that “unforgettable” score, it’s getting a special, limited edition double-vinyl release on June 24, courtesy of Varèse Sarabande and Universal Music Group. The soundtrack comes in a beautiful gatefold jacket and includes an album of Burwell’s score, as well as an album featuring …

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