Contest: Win a Coen brothers comedy Blu-ray bundle, including Hail, Caesar!

The one constant in the varied directorial efforts of the Coen brothers is the notion that comedy and tragedy are simply sides of the same coin. It’s an idea that’s been discussed at length on this very site, and one that informs their darkest of noirs as well as their wackiest of screwball comedies. Many have tried to peg their films into one of two categories, but, alas, “would that it were so simple.”

Nevertheless, their latest film, this year’s Hail, Caesar!, is undoubtedly among their lighter fare. Our own Ignatiy Vishnevetsky noted that the Hollwyood send-up is host to “stretches of the Coens’ funniest comedy since The Big Lebowski”—just watch the above scene again for a shining example. In celebration of the film’s release today on Blu-ray and DVD, where giving away a special comedic Coen brothers prize package. You could win a bundle …

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