Contest: Sport some superhero style and win this Nightwing hoodie

As The Incredibles memorably taught us: Capes are dangerous. Sure, they may look cool, but they’re a liability. So what’s a fashion-forward superhero to do? Well, you could take a page from Dick Grayson, who roams the streets as Nightwing, rocking a sleek and sporty black-and-blue get-up. Of course, not everyone has the financial backing of multi-millionaire Bruce Wayne to manufacture their own breathable suit of body armor, so Fan Jackets went ahead and created a much more affordable alternative.

Right now, they’ve got a special deal on this sweet, black Nightwing hoodie (arm tats not included). Want to snag one for yourself? The A.V. Club is giving away a brand new Nightwing hoodie to one lucky reader in the size of their choosing. Sure, it’s fully summer now and, yes, we did just offer you an opportunity to win another hoodie yesterday, but why …

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