Contest: Chicago, see The Transporter: Refueled early and for free

The Transporter: Refueled isn’t being touted as a sequel, a prequel, or a reboot, and that’s probably because continuity has never been much of a concern for fans of the series. As long as a Transporter movie delivers an onslaught of high-speed action, what else could you possibly want? Oh, right, Jason Statham. Presumably because the actor has graduated to bigger car-based franchises, Refueled substitutes the rugged anti-hero with the more posh Ed Skrein (the artist formerly known as Game Of Thrones‘ Daario Naharis). Whether or not he’ll fill Statham’s shoes remains to be seen, but there’s no doubt the latest Transporter will still be full of the series’ bonkers, physics-defying thrills. The Transporter: Refueled hits theaters on September 4, but The A.V. Club and Europa have an opportunity for you to catch it on September 2 for free. For your chance to win …

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