Contest: Chicago, see London Has Fallen early and for free

Way back in 2013, two different “Die Hard in the White House” movies wound up hitting theaters within mere months of each other. Despite the presence of Channing “Taters” Tatum, Roland Emmerich’s White House Down seems to have come and gone, but Antoine Fuqua’s Olympus Has Fallen registered as enough of a hit to garner a sequel with this year’s London Has Fallen. While its trailer, shockingly, doesn’t include a creepy children’s choir singing a slowed-down version of “London Bridge Is Falling Down,” it does feature plenty of gratuitous shots of rah-rah American ass-kicking courtesy of non-American Gerard Butler. It also shares glimpses of the film’s surprisingly solid supporting cast, featuring returning players Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett, Aaron Eckhart, Melissa Leo, and Robert Forster. Perhaps it was their burning love for their great country that compelled them to sign on for the sequel.

London …

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