Contest: Chicago, see Foreign Language Oscar nominee A War early and for free

From The Hurt Locker to American Sniper, The Academy Awards have a history of nominating (and awarding) films about what happens to soldiers when they return home form active duty. This year, they continue the trend by nominating Denmark’s A War for best Foreign Language Film. From A Hijacking director Tobias Lindholm, the film examines the tumultuous domino effect one man’s actions in Afghanistan have on his young family. So it’s not unlike Force Majeure, but without the film’s dry comedic bent. In his review, Mike D’Angelo says the film “radiates intelligence and fairness” and that it’s “a thoughtful alternative to overblown Hollywood war movies.”

A War opens in select Chicago theaters on February 19, but The A.V. Club and Magnolia Pictures have an opportunity for you to see it for free on February 18. For your chance to win a pair of …

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