Contest: Chicago, see Charlie Kaufman’s Anomalisa early and for free

Though Charlie Kaufman’s body of work is filled with unexpected delights and oddball left turns, no one could have anticipated that his second directorial effort (after Synecdoche, New York) would’ve been an animated movie. In true Kaufman style, Anomalisa defies any traditional sort of classification, even for a stop-motion production. Co-directed by Duke Johnson (who put together Community‘s beloved “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas”), the film mostly details author Michael Stone’s (David Thewlis) one-night stay in a Cincinnati hotel. He’s a man depressed by the boredom of life and the people around him (all voiced by Tom Noonan) until he meets one woman who he feels could change his life (voiced by Jennifer Jason Leigh). Anomalisa hits Chicago theaters on January 8, but The A.V. Club and The Paramount Pictures have and opportunity for you to see it for free on January 6. For your …

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