Contest: Chicago, catch a free advance preview of Fox’s new fall shows

As summer turns to fall, the only things guaranteed to be more inescapable than pumpkin spice lattes are ads for new network shows. Fox, for one, has a lot riding on its new Tuesday night schedule, a shiny comedy lineup with an emphasis on some familiar faces. For starters, there’s Grandfathered, which stars TV veteran John Stamos as a smooth-talking restauranteur who suddenly finds out that he’s not just a dad, but a granddad. Also ranking highly on the “handsome scale” is The Grinder, which finds Rob Lowe playing a former TV lawyer who decides to try his hand at actually practicing law, much to his overshadowed younger brother’s (Fred Savage) dismay. And, finally, there’s Ryan Murphy’s splashy Scream Queens, a horror-comedy (a new genre you’re probably not familiar with yet because Murphy “invented” it) set on a college campus, starring Emma Roberts, Jamie …

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