Coming Distractions: Vin Diesel gets a witch-hunting sidekick in this trailer for The Last Witch Hunter

The last trailer for the Vin Diesel-starring Last Witch Hunter came out back in April, and that one focused mainly on Diesel growling badass nonsense, Michael Caine saying nonsense in a normal way, and Game Of Thrones‘ Rose Leslie just kind of looking on as Vin Diesel swung a flaming sword and opened up his secret cabinet of witch hunter paraphernalia.

This new trailer explores a little bit more of the Last Witch Hunte‘s world—a setting that Lionsgate hopes can carry a whole bunch of sequels—and it finally reveals that Elijah Wood’s character is going to be Diesel’s witch-hunting sidekick. A skinny, wide-eyed Robin to Diesel’s beefy, occasionally bearded Batman. Wood even gets in a good line when Diesel tries to intimidate him with growly charisma, proving that he can hold his own against even the toughest action heroes—something we’ve all suspected …

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