Coming Distractions: Villains rise and laugh in latest Gotham season 2 trailer

As Detective Jim Gordon might (and does) say, it’s a new daywhich means it’s time for another reminder about the plethora of villains and seeming dearth of heroes in Gotham season two. There isn’t much in this trailer that we’re not already aware of, but there’s a lot of Jerome (Cameron Monaghan), so it’s not all bad.

We’ll insist on going over the list of baddies the way your waiter trudges through rattling off the specials: there’s Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor), Tigress a.k.a. Not-Catwoman (Jessica Lucas) and her brother Theo (James Frain), Soon-To-Be-Catwoman (Camren Bicondova), that Edward Nygma guy (Corey Michael Smith), and of course, Monaghan’s Jerome doing his best Heath Ledger impression. There’s also a pro-Gotham guy in a straitjacket, and then there’s Barbara (Erin Richards).

On the bright side, Gordon (Ben McKenzie) seems undaunted …

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