Coming Distractions: Try to count the horror-movie clichés in The Other Side Of The Door trailer

The trailer for Johannes Roberts’ The Other Side Of The Door is chockablock with horror-movie references, including a grieving mother (played here by The Walking Dead’s Sarah Wayne Callies), spooky kids, an ancient evil that’s all-too-casually accessed, and a slowed-down version of a children’s song (this time, “Heart And Soul”). But does it promise future frights? Not so much.

After Maria (Callies) loses her son Oliver in a car accident, she travels to India in search of a ritual that will allow her to say her final goodbye. Maria and the local mystic she consults actually believe that after having traveled thousands of miles, the bereaved mother wouldn’t dare to ask for something more than to speak to her son from the other side of the door. But Maria does open the door, which turns out to the gateway to the world of the dead, and …

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