Coming Distractions: Trailer for the Point Break remake is certainly more extreme than the original

Point Break isn’t necessarily one of the best movies ever made, but it certainly has all of the hallmarks you’d expect from one of the best movies ever made. It has bank robberies, it has surfing, it has a story about two men who respect each other so much that it goes deeper than love ever could, and it has Patrick Swayze. Based on this trailer, director Ericson Core’s Point Break remake will have a few of those, at least, but it’s trying to make up for what it doesn’t have by throwing in as many extreme sports as possible. You thought surfing was exciting? This has riding a dirt bike down a hill to avoid a rock slide. You thought picking up babes on the beach was radical? This one has dudes in colorful wingsuits gliding through a canyon. You thought robbing people while …

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