Coming Distractions: Trailer for Robert Kirkman’s Outcast hints at something more evil than zombies

Robert Kirkman is best known as the creator of The Walking Dead, but for Outcast—his new show on Cinemax—the story won’t revolve around a world that has gone to hell. Instead, it’ll be about people who have gone to hell…sort of literally. Outcast is based on a comic series created by Kirkman and Paul Azaceta, and it’s about a guy whose family has a tendency to get possessed by demons. It’s advertised as more of an outright horror story than The Walking Dead, and it definitely looks like that’s the tone Cinemax is going for with this TV adaptation. Patrick Fugit is starring as the main guy, with Philip Glenister playing a reverend he teams up with in hopes of learning more about all of this demon stuff. The trailer also shows off a creepy kid and some spooky floating, both of …

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