Coming Distractions: Trailer for Nancy Meyer’s The Intern proves that old people and young people can be friends

The endless battle between old people and young people is finally coming to a head in this trailer for The Intern, which stars Anne Hathaway as the CEO of a hip company and Robert De Niro as an old man who becomes her intern for some reason. (We’d guess it’s a combination of the economy and the crushing loneliness that comes from becoming an old man.) The trailer begins with the two of them having trouble understanding each other, but after De Niro learns how to use Facebook and Hathaway figures out how to appreciate whatever old people are good at, the pair become best friends. Also, everybody laughs at Robert De Niro when he gets an erection at one point. Fun times!

The Intern comes from superstar writer/director Nancy Meyer (It’s Complicated, Something’s Gotta Give, The Parent Trap), and it’ll be in theaters …

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