Coming Distractions: Trailer for Beyond The Gates captures the bizarro spirit of ’80s VHS horror

While some horror films, like Ti West’s House Of The Devil, pay homage to past eras of cinematic scares by taking up the mantle of an earlier visual style, others comment on the past while remaining rooted in the modern world. Beyond The Gates, a clever and appealing indie horror film from director Jackson Stewart, straddles the gap between those two tactics, reveling in a nostalgic look back at a bygone time and technology, while also incorporating some of the original visual and narrative tricks of the time. The story of two brothers who return home to take care of their father’s affairs months after his disappearance, the film follows the estranged siblings as they unearth an old VHS board game while sifting through the contents of their dad’s video rental store. The game turns out to be far more menacing than it would seem, and soon …

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