Coming Distractions: Thomas Middleditch, Nick Kroll, and Jenny Slate get wild in the Joshy trailer

People sure do say “Joshy” a lot in the first trailer for Hulu’s upcoming feature film Joshy. Joshy, played by Silicon Valley‘s Thomas Middleditch, is a bummed out dude whose friends decide to go through with his bachelor party even though his wedding has been canceled, descending on Ojai for a weekend of emotionally stunted bonding. Everyone is pretty concerned about Joshy, and in their attempts to make sure he has a good time, things get a little out of control. The chaos is more grounded than, say, that of a more over-the-top comedy like The Hangover, but someone still offers a small child cocaine. Still, despite the boozy debauchery of the trailer, the subject matter is quite serious: The woman Joshy was supposed to marry killed herself before the events of the film. In other words, this isn’t a conventional breakup comedy.

Adam Pally (Happy Endings …

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