Coming Distractions: Things get weird in the trailer for Kristen Wiig-starring Nasty Baby

Nasty Baby, the new film from Chilean writer-director Sebastián Silva (Magic Magic, Crystal Fairy & The Magical Cactus) premiered earlier this year at Sundance, but as its overseas release approaches, the first trailer for the indie drama has emerged. Nasty Baby stars Silva, Kristen Wiig, Alia Shawkat, Tunde Adebimpe, and Reg E. Cathey and follows a gay couple (Silva and Adebimpe) as they try to have a baby by way of their close friend Polly (Wiig).

The trailer, like the film itself, has a weird twist that starkly changes the tone. It begins as a familiar New York City-set indie flick before things get weird as the trio’s efforts to start a modern family are interrupted by an unstable and homophobic neighbor called The Bishop (Cathey). From the trailer, it’s unclear exactly what Nasty Baby is about (and exactly what Shawkat’s role is), but the folks at …

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