Coming Distractions: The Venture Bros. goes to space in this trailer for next week’s one-off special

Does anyone remember what happened at the end of the last season of The Venture Bros.? As far as we can recall, it aired about 25 years ago, and it featured Doc Venture and his kids going on some kind of Johnny Quest-style adventure while making constant David Bowie jokes. Wait, no. That was the season before the last one. Either way, the show is finally coming back—dramatic pause to make the next bit more disappointing—for a single, one-hour special. So we still have no idea when/if another real season of The Venture Bros. will be coming, but at least this is significantly more Venture Bros. than we got throughout all of 2014. The special airs next Monday on Adult Swim, and it apparently concerns everybody going into space. Plus, Billy Quizboy has a great line at the end of the trailer. It may just be …

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