Coming Distractions: The trailer for Ted 2 keeps it (relatively) classy

After Universal released a poster heavily implying teddy-bear masturbation, we assumed that the trailer for Ted 2 would be an extended dick joke. (Like, a dick joke that goes on for a while, not a joke about…forget it.) But much to our surprise, the trailer takes a full 33 seconds to get around to mentioning how funny it is to tug on your ding-dong. And save for the aforementioned sequence, which takes place at a sperm bank, the Ted 2 trailer manages to avoid jokes about ding-dongs, or hoo-has, or boobies for that matter, focusing instead on a plot line about Ted legally proving he’s human so he and his wife Tammi-Lynn (Jessica Barth) can become parents. Ted even wears a suit on three separate occasions—once at his wedding, once in a musical number, and once in court, where Amanda Seyfried appears as the person who really …

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