Coming Distractions: The trailer for Starz ballet series Flesh And Bone looks en pointe

While the world of ballet can look glamorous and beautiful on stage, most people who have looked behind the curtain—or seen Black Swan—are more likely to recoil at the unpleasantness of it all. Big egos, backbreaking labor, and a cliquish and insular world are all potential drawbacks of entering the field, and the upcoming Starz drama Flesh And Bone looks to have all of that and more. Written by Breaking Bad scribe Moira Walley-Beckett and starring Sarah Hay (from Black Swan, natch), the show follows a young dancer named Claire who gets a swift and difficult introduction to the world of competitive ballet. There’s lots of dance and drama, plus some mysterious goings-on at her home, where a loud knocking and a locked door suggest some dark personal issues for Claire as well. And while the show is presumably about how Claire refuses to plié in the …

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