Coming Distractions: The trailer for Seeso’s new UCB Show is a real comedy nerd treasure trove

Having taken over, roughly, all of podcasting with their rapid-fire, improv-heavy comedy stylings, the minds behind the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater are branching into the world of subscription online streaming. Specifically, Seeso, NBC’s still-terribly-named comedy service, which is now the home of The UCB Show. (Not to be confused with the old Upright Citizens Brigade sketch show on Comedy Central, although everyone involved in the existence of Ass Pennies and The Little Donny Foundation is on board for this series, as well.)

Going off of the trailer, the new variety show looks like it’s mostly just going to be footage from UCB stage shows, which is by no means a bad thing, given the level of talent on display. This is a real smorgasbord of comedy nerd favorites, including Andy Daly, Scott Aukerman, Rich Fulcher, Sarah Silverman, and plenty more, plus co-founders Ian Roberts, Matt Besser, Matt Walsh …

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