Coming Distractions: The trailer for Rob Zombie’s 31 is down to clown around town

It’s time to blow the roof off of Rob Zombie’s most closely guarded secret: The dude is kind of into gross clowns. It may not have seemed like it, what with his first two films having a clown-faced wacko playing a key role, but trust us, it’s 100 percent the case. And now, after brief detours into franchise filmmaking and arty horror (well, Zombie’s version of it, anyway), the director is ready to do a deep dive into all his fascinations, including creepy clowns, circus grotesqueries, and Malcolm McDowell, all while maintaining his commitment to showcasing the white-trash aesthetic that’s become his calling card.

31 tells the story of a ramshackle group of carnival workers who get kidnapped and held hostage the night before Halloween. As the trailer indicates, the stakes are clearly established: For 12 hours, they have to try and survive an onslaught …

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