Coming Distractions: The trailer for MTV’s Scream series is still too smart for its own good

If there’s one thing the horror genre loves more than hot young blondes in trouble (okay, almost as much as hot young blondes in trouble), it’s self-parody. This smart-ass attitude propelled Wes Craven’s original Scream to great success at the box office in the meta-mad ’90s, followed by three proper Scream sequels and a string of self-aware horror films that has resulted in winking triumphs like The Cabin In The Woods as well as winking crap like Hatchet III.

Now Scream is being turned into a TV series in the reboot-mad 2010s, and the first trailer has something to say about that, because it’s too smart for its own goddamn good. Willa Fitzgerald stars as Emma, a high school student whose newfound popularity has strained her relationship with her childhood best friend Aubrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus); Emma, Aubrey, and their classmates come under attack after, in MTV …

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