Coming Distractions: The trailer for Chilean miner drama The 33 features lots of rocks, dramatic irony

As anyone who had a working TV at the time probably remembers, back in 2010, a cave-in occurred at the San José copper-gold mine in Chile’s Atacama Desert, trapping 33 workers for two months under hundreds of metric tons of rock. The incident quickly became international news, with efforts to rescue the Chilean miners dominating the 24-hour news networks and drawing the eye of human drama and mining safety enthusiasts alike. Amazingly, given all the attention the collapse attracted—especially in light of the way writers and directors have glommed on to similar media flashpoints like the Benghazi attacks or the Boston Marathon bombingonly one film has ever been announced in connection with the event: The 33, from producer Michael Medavoy and Under The Same Moon director Patricia Riggen.

Now there’s a trailer for the film, giving audiences a glimpse at star Antonia Banderas as miner Mario …

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