Coming Distractions: The town of Twin Peaks hasn’t changed much in this very quick teaser

It’s been almost 26 years since the end of Twin Peaks‘ original run, and though most small towns in the real world would’ve probably been steamrolled to make room for a Walmart in that time, the eponymous town of Twin Peaks is looking surprisingly unchanged in this brief teaser for Showtime’s upcoming revival. In fact, you could watch all 30 seconds of this clip and not notice that it’s new footage, but reasonably sharp-eyed Twin Peaks fans will notice the string of modern cars parked outside of the Double R Diner, indicating that this is indeed the 2017 version of the town. (Extremely sharp-eyed fans might notice that, like, the trees are older or whatever, but we’ll stick with the cars.)

Twin Peaks finally returns to TV screens on May 21, at which point we’ll hopefully get to see more than just various parking …

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