Coming Distractions: The new The Birth Of A Nation Trailer promises we’re all going to rise up

We’re less than four months out from the October 7 release date of The Birth Of A Nation, Nate Parker’s buzz-heavy new movie about the 1831 slave rebellion of preacher-turned-revolutionary Nat Turner. Directed by and starring Parker, it’s a passion project that’s evoked an equally passionate response from critics, winning the Audience and U.S. Grand Jury prizes at this year’s Sundance.

Now we’ve got a new trailer for the historical drama, one that’s a bit more concerned with the nuts-and-bolts of Turner’s story than the more impressionistic one Fox Searchlight released in April. Tracking Turner’s life from his training as a tool of the plantation owners who used him to keep slaves docile and content to his leadership of a short-lived, Biblically-inspired rebellion, it’s full of all the stomach-churning injustices you’d expect from a movie about American slavery …

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