Coming Distractions: The new Power Rangers trailer shows off its superhero side

Beneath all the martial arts action and giant, teetering robots, the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers have always had a pretty standard superhero origin story, with a handful of teens stumbling into extraterrestrial abilities and a whole “great power, great responsibility” thing. The latest trailer for the upcoming Power Rangers makes that connection explicit, with the teen team labeling themselves as superheroes, and even name-checking a few popular Marvel bigwigs.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the movie’s ignoring the “giant robots totter around a city” part of the equation, either; we get a slightly longer look at the team’s Zords in action, plus Zordon, Rita Repulsa, and Alpha 5 (Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Banks, and Bill Hader, respectively) all getting a chance to shine. Power Rangers arrives in theaters on March 24.

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