Coming Distractions: The new Fantastic Four trailer: In a world that is less than fantastic

We’ve spent months stewing in Internet outrage over the new Fantastic Four‘s especially young cast, I’m-not-a-racist-but… diatribes over Michael B. Jordan playing Johnny Storm, disbelief at the film’s apparent unwillingness to embrace fantasticness, and open scoffing at Doctor Doom being an angry blogger. Now comes at least the second or third most important part of that process: actually seeing the movie. But first, here’s a teaser for the Josh Trank-directed movie that definitely establishes the tone he’s going for—dark, somber, a world where things are going less than fantastic, thanks—yet gives us only the briefest glimpses of Jordan, Miles Teller, Kate Mara, and a big pile of rocks, all under the sort of ominous, apocalyptic voiceover that lets you know this is a fun superhero movie and/or Interstellar. That should tide you over with something to talk about until the …

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