Coming Distractions: The Martyrs trailer makes the case for remaking a great horror movie

We’re just going to say it: You might not want to watch this trailer for the American remake of Martyrs. And not just because you should first see the original French version, a horror movie so good, it made our list of the best scary movies of the 21st century. (Although seriously, you should really see that as soon as possible.) No, the even better reason not to watch this trailer is because it gives away details of the plot that are much better left unknown when going into the film. In other words, Martyrs has one of the most unexpected and compelling left turns of any horror movie in recent memory, but you’d never know that from watching the above video, losing a portion of what makes for such a fascinating tale.

That being said, Martyrs tells the story of two young women, this time played by …

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