Coming Distractions: The long-awaited X-Files revival trailer reminds us the truth is still out there

(Note: this trailer originally aired in two parts on Sunday night, during Gotham and Minority Report. We held off on reporting until official versions were online, which Fox has conveniently provided in a single, extended trailer.)

The truth, it seems, is still out there. Sure, it’s been over 13 years since The X-Files departed the small screen, but that hasn’t stopped the truth. While you went about your life, forgetting all about the truth, it’s been sitting out there—cold and unloved, steadfast and insisting upon itself. And now it seems Fox Mulder and Dana Scully will finally pick up where they left off, looking for that long-neglected truth.

Joel McHale provides the voiceover, as an internet conspiracist laying out the pieces to a multinational conspiracy involving aliens, and then greeting David Duchovny’s retired FBI agent with a helicopter. Mitch Pileggi’s Assistant Director Skinner shows …

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