Coming Distractions: The Harmonquest trailer slays animated dragons, kills live audience

Look out, dragons! Step back, orcs! Casually meander out of the way, goblins! Unless any of you have liquor on your persons, then you’ll probably be just fine. See, a fictitious band of mythical warriors is coming your way, but they’re led by delightful writer, podcast host, and raconteur extraordinaire Dan Harmon, meaning a simple offer of vodka will likely keep any creatures safe that happen to cross his path. The reason for this adventuring is Harmonquest, the new series that airs on streaming comedy service Seeso beginning July 14. It’s a live fantasy roleplaying game—performed in front of a live audience—that’s been animated, to general hilarity and merriment.

Anyone who followed the Dungeons And Dragons (among other roleplay games) exploits of Harmon on his podcast Harmontown knows these games are funny enough to listen to without visuals, but the trailer suggests an even …

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