Coming Distractions: The greatest movie poster of our time comes to life in the first Geostorm trailer

From the eye-catching one-sheets of Saul Bass to the memorably strange plot interpretations of Warsaw Pact-era Poland and the hand-made insanity of Ghana’s ad painters, the movie poster has long been a storied and diverse art form—the subject of countless museum exhibits, coffee table books, and Tumblrs. Ranking the best posters of a given year often comes down to taste. But once in a blue moon, there comes along a movie poster that feels instantly iconic, capturing the zeitgeist of an era in one 27” by 40” image that will adorn the walls of dorms and first apartments for at least two generations to come.

Geostorm (Image: Warner Bros.)

This year, we were blessed early with the poster for Geostorm, whose combination of typeface and overall aesthetic sensibility suggests the VHS case of a direct-to-video sequel to Turbulence. The title itself is what the heroes of David Lynch …

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