Coming Distractions: The full trailer for Netflix’s Very Murray Christmas digs into its very traditional story

Everybody loves the standard Christmas special plot: Someone is excited for a holiday-themed event of some kind, something goes wrong (usually a big snowstorm), they get really sad, their friends come through and sing some songs or whatever, the protagonist’s hope for the future is restored, and everything works out in the end. Netflix’s A Very Murray Christmas may star Bill Murray—who isn’t known for doing things the easy/traditional way—but that doesn’t mean it’s going to fix what isn’t broken. Previous teasers for the special have been all about setting the scene and showing some famous faces, but this full trailer for A Very Murray Christmas finally gets into the story’s justification for why all of these famous people are getting together and singing songs about Christmas. Appropriately, it turns out it’s because Murray is trying to put on …

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