Coming Distractions: The director of Magic Mike XXL takes an ’80s nostalgia trip in the Red Oaks trailer

For as long as there have been writers and directors old enough to remember the ’80s, there have been nostalgic coming-of-age tales set in that most tubular of decades. And while the ’90s are quickly eclipsing the ’80s as the dominant nostalgic mode, crimped hair, leotards, and red Lamborghinis get another spin around the remember-when track in the trailer for Amazon’s Red Oaks.

Created by Magic Mike XXL‘s Gregory Jacobs and Stonehearst Asylum scribe Joe Gangemi, Red Oaks comes with the blessing of Jacobs’ mentor Steven Soderbergh as well as David Gordon Green, both of whom serve as executive producers on the show. Submarine‘s Craig Roberts stars as David Meyers, a NYU student suffering from the usual adolescent confusions—he’s unsure about his future, insecure about his relationship with his girlfriend, and unsettled by his parents’ recent announcement that they never really loved each other. David …

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