Coming Distractions: The Boss red band trailer has lots of cursing, swordfighting, and self-tanning

The Boss red band trailer is really only NSFW if you happen to watch it without earphones—the bulk of the “offensive” material comprises Kathy Bates saying some rather unflattering things about Michelle Darnelle (Melissa McCarthy), whom we previously learned is a very rich woman who was imprisoned for insider trading. Michelle tries to bounce back by forming her own Brownie organization, because selling cookies is probably just as sound a business strategy as motivational speaking. Her former assistant Claire (Kristen Bell) is reluctant to help her, because Michelle is an asshole ((hey, those are Kathy Bates’ words), a terrible boss, and an even worse houseguest, who spray-tans all of her parts in Claire’s bathroom. But both Claire and her daughter end up recruited by Michelle, who fends off a hostile takeover in a sword fight with Peter Dinklage—well, the character he’s playing.

The Boss hits theaters …

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