Coming Distractions: The Bellas prepare to conquer the world in first Pitch Perfect 3 trailer

Last week, in an attempt to drum up excitement for the Pitch Perfect 3 trailer, Universal released a teaser teaser full of behind-the-scenes clips of stars like Rebel Wilson, Anna Kendrick, and Elizabeth Banks having a grand ol’ time on set. Now, finally, we have an actual trailer for the movie that has actual footage from the next installment in the series about lovable a cappella singers who don’t take shit from anybody.

Unfortunately, Pitch Perfect 3 takes place after the gang has graduated from college, which means they’re stuck taking shit from a whole lot of people in this trailer, but their fortunes quickly turn around when they come up with a scheme that involves plenty of a cappella singing (as the best schemes often do). From there, we jump right into a classic Pitch Perfect adventure.

Pitch Perfect 3 was directed by Trish Sie, and it …

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