Coming Distractions: The Ash Vs. Evil Dead trailer shows Sam Raimi hasn’t lost a single bloody step

It’d be easy to be cynical about a director trying to revive a beloved 30-year-old cult horror franchise—especially when said series has already had a reboot within the last five years. But fans of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell’s Evil Dead might want to prepare for their jaded feelings to get shredded faster than an animated corpse on the wrong side of a chainsaw arm, because the new trailer for Starz’s Ash Vs. Evil Dead seems to be hitting all of the gory right notes.

Besides showing off the show’s cast, including Campbell, newcomers Jill Marie Jones, Dana Delorenzo, Ray Santiago, and Raimi veteran Lucy Lawless, the trailer suggests the creators have dropped back into Ash’s world without missing a beat. One-liners, rushing POV shots, gallons of jelly-like fake blood, milky-eyed Deadites, battles with tiny but vicious opponents, and the sort of cartoon logic …

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