Coming Distractions: Sylvester Stallone goes into mumbling mentor mode in the trailer for Creed

There’s a new trailer out for the Rocky spinoff Creed, the film that dares to ask just how fair audiences are willing to let the Sylvestor Stallonaissance go. The movie reunites Fruitvale Station director Ryan Coogler with star Michael B. Jordan, who plays the father-issue-festooned son of the long dead Apollo Creed. Luckily for fans of the resolution of deep-seated family issues and feelings of abandonment via repeatedly battering someone else in the head, Sylverster Stallone is on hand to take Jordan under his wing, acting as the young fighter’s mumbling, puffy-faced Yoda.

Beyond Rocky’s mere presence in the trailer, there are a few other flashes of fanservice on displayCarl Weathers’ old American flag shorts make an appearance, and Jordan repeats Stallone’s big speech from Rocky Balboa, despite the fact that he delivered it in an almost empty alley, to a barely there Milo Ventimiglia …

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