Coming Distractions: Surely someone has been eagerly awaiting a sequel to 1980’s The Boogeyman

The boogeyman superstition has made its way on screen numerous times: The clown-like specter with a giant head and hooves that terrorized a young Egon Spengler on The Real Ghostbusters, a more humanoid creature that also stalks the closets of children in 2005’s The Boogeyman…even Disney and the WWE have had their own disparate takes on the character. Now, director Ulli Lommel is bringing his original boogeyman back to scare another generation of kids with Boogeyman Reincarnation.

Lommel can probably be credited with first bringing the legend to the sliver screen with his 1980 film, The Boogeyman. Although it was panned by critics during its limited theatrical run, the VHS mainstay spawned two sequels in 1983 and 1984 that were padded with flashbacks to the original film. This new outing seeks to reboot the Boogeyman franchise, following the same concept of a mirror possessed by a murderous being …

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