Coming Distractions: Steven Seagal returns to his backbreaking work in Contract To Kill trailer

Among Steven Seagal’s dubious achievements in the last decade are his recently granted Russian citizenship and this trailer for Contract To Kill, which is not, as you might expect, a straight-to-DVD release. No, Contract To Kill—not to be confused with Hard To Kill, which also starred Seagal—will have a proper theatrical release but will also be available on iTunes (in case your local cineplex isn’t screening it). The subject of Seagal’s latest film is virtually the same as all the other, triptych-titled works. The sluggish martial arts star plays a CIA/DEA agent named John Harmon, who teams up with Russell Wong and a beautiful distraction (Jemma Dallender) to investigate Muslim terrorists.

The trailer features Seagal puffing out his lines in between halfheartedly chopping guys in the neck, but remember—this is just another day at the office for him and his character. Speaking of …

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