Coming Distractions: Stan Lee meets the Defenders and the Punisher in new Netflix promo

The Marvel movies love gratuitous cameos from Stan Lee, but in Netflix’s Marvel shows, he generally only pops up in the same photo occasionally seen in the background of police station scenes. In this new promo for Netflix’s Marvel shows, though, Stan Lee finally gets to share a scene with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron First—sort of. He’s technically driving around in a car while scenes from the shows happen around him, but looking out a window and seeing a superhero was really all that Lee did in his Doctor Strange cameo anyway.

Stan Lee aside, the real hook here might be a few brief seconds that seem to come from the upcoming Punisher series, unless it’s teasing that Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle will join his “friends” in the Defenders show. With Comic-Con kicking off, we’ll probably know more about that …

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