Coming Distractions: Showtime’s monster mash continues in the Penny Deadful season two trailer

Penny Dreadful, the critically-acclaimed drama that still feels like a guilty pleasure somehow—a phenomenon due either to the presence of werewolves or the use of the word “steampunk” in writing about the show, we’re not sure which—returns to Showtime Sunday, April 26 at 10 PM ET. Showtime has released a trailer for the show’s second season, which will apparently be just as bloody as its predecessor—if they didn’t the entire blood budget on new villain Madame Kali (Helen McCrory)‘s Countess Bathory reference in the trailer, at least. But given that this is premium cable, that seems highly unlikely, and we will all be drenched in fake blood and what looks like a witchcraft storyline soon enough. In the meantime, don’t you have a Dr. Frankenstein/Dorian Gray slash fiction to finish?

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