Coming Distractions: Shooting Clerks trailer promises low-budget indie film about a low-budget indie film

Proving the old adage that there are no stories too small to be retold as crowdfunded biopics, the trailer for Shooting Clerks deserves kudos for truth in naming. It’s exactly what it says it is: a film about the making of Clerks, Kevin Smith’s black-and-white 1994 comedy that catapulted him from being an overly verbose New Jersey director wannabe to an overly verbose New Jersey director with a lot of money. We first reported on this film last year, when the Indiegogo campaign to raise $3,500 for the project attracted attention due to the casting of Smith himself, who agreed to narrate and cameo in the movie. Now it seems all the hard work of finding people who look vaguely like the original cast has paid off. Shooting Clerks, which most people will likely learn about via Facebook posts from stoner friends saying, “Yo Dogg I heard …

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