Coming Distractions: Seth Rogen and friends get bromantic in The Night Before trailer

There are a lot of concepts swirling around the new red band trailer for The Night Before. Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Anthony Mackie are childhood best friends in a loving three-way bromance. But since Rogen is having a baby and Mackie is a major celebrity, their friendship has been drifting. So the dudes decide to have one last “epic” Christmas Eve—a tradition they’ve shared since Gordon-Levitt’s parents died—at the Nutcracka Ball before they go their separate ways during the holiday season. However, Rogen’s wife gifts him a box of shrooms and cocaine, a combination to which he reacts “poorly.” There’s also a musical number set at the giant piano in FAO Schwarz and a Miley Cyrus cameo.

So yes, those who prefer their bro-comedies especially high concept will find lots to enjoy about The Night Before. Meanwhile, First Amendment enthusiasts will get a …

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