Coming Distractions: See the trailer for a Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer, plus new details on its villain

Take flight. A new #SpiderManHomecoming trailer is landing tomorrow.

— Spider-Man (@SpiderManMovie) March 27, 2017

The last Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer was preceded by a short clip revealing the new web-wings on Spidey’s Tony Stark-built superhero suit, and once again Sony and Marvel are hyping up a Spider-Man trailer by revealing a new spider-gadget. As you can see in the clip above, it seems to be some kind of tiny drone that transforms from the actual logo on Spider-Man’s chest, which not only gives the wall-crawler a new toy (both in the movie and for the merchandise people), but also justifies him having a logo on his suit in the first place. Beyond that, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see the full trailer.

For those hungry for more spider-info, USA Today has some new details on Michael Keaton’s villain, the Vulture. For …

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